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domainWith the proliferation of internet a website is must have for businesses. Websites can act as an online brochure explaining your business and your value proposition to your prospective customers or in case of E-commerce website act a shopping front for your business. If you have that marvellous idea in your head and you are wondering how to go about bringing your business online this article is a basic step by step guide on how to set up your own website, from choosing a name to putting web pages live on the Internet.

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Domain Privacy

Every time you register a domain name, your name, address and phone number are entered into a public database. This information is often referred to as the WHOIS information and stored in WHOIS database and can be accessed by anyone. This exposes your personal information to spammers, telemarketers and other undesired third parties..Unfortunately this information is regularly used to send unsolicited emails (spam) or could be used by competitors or other third parties to find out your address and contact information.

The good news is that we are able to protect this information for you using our domain name privacy product. For just £5.99 per year we will protect your real identity in the domain WHOIS databases by providing generic contact information using our domain name So rather than your address, your phone number and your name being displayed all they see is

Using our domain privacy product does not impact the ownership of your domain name. We support Domain Privacy on the following domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info

Domain Privacy helps to protect you from:

  • Unwanted spam
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Stalkers
  • Unintended identity disclosure

Email Notification

This feature allows you to receive emails or notification of email arrival via SMS. For example, you can set an email address such as sms@[domain] and have all the emails sent to this address automatically texted to your mobile phone and forwarded on to another address as well. You can also setup notifications so when email arrives at an address such as orders@[domain] a short text message is sent to you to tell you an email has arrived.The service costs £9.99 per month, includes up to 50 texts as standard and works on any of our hosting accounts.


Mail Boxes

A mail box gives you the ability to store email and collect it when you want to using a desktop program like Outlook Express or our free Webmail program. You can use mail boxes in conjunction with our free catch all email forwarding or normal email forwarding feature, for example you could set all to go to your mail box and then collect this mail each day with Outlook Express.Mail boxes are great value as well! Just £98.99 each per year or 10 for just £59.99 per year!


Email Virus scanning

The most deadly viruses, able to cripple your email system and corporate network in minutes, are being distributed worldwide via email in a matter of hours (for example, the LoveLetter virus). Email worms and viruses can reach your system and infect your users through harmful attachments. But that's not all! Some viruses are transmitted through harmless-looking email messages and can run automatically without the need for user intervention (like the Nimda virus). Are you covered against such threats?

Our virus scanning system stops emails at the server so you never have to try and deal with them yourself, our software automatically updates frequently so that it always knows about the latest viruses on the Internet. Each virus scanner you buy will totally protect one specified domain. This feature is offered at a great price, cover one domain name for £21.99 a year or 10 for £159.99 per year.

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