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Bringing your Business Online: In 3 easy steps

Starting your Business Online is easy

With the proliferation of internet a website is must have for businesses. Websites can act as an online brochure explaining your business and your value proposition to your prospective customers or in case of E-commerce website act a shopping front for your business. If you have that marvellous idea in your head and you are wondering how to go about bringing your business online this article is a basic step by step guide on how to set up your own website, from choosing a name to putting web pages live on the Internet.

Step 1- Domain Name:

Domain names are web address of your website – For example UKHOSTING.UK.COM is our domain name. You will need to think about a proper and powerful domain name which you will use for your business. It is beneficial to choose a domain name that is the same name as your business or gives people an idea of what you sell i.e. or (Selling hosting services in UK market). Once you have some ideas on what will be the name of your business on internet you will need to officially register it through domain name registration providers such as us.

We have a domain name search tool on every page which lets you search for domain name availability. You simply need to type in your desired domain name in the search box:

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Once you click on search button our system will check possible domain available to register and give you option to register if it is available:


In this case and is available to register. Domains such as and are not available in this case.

Please check the names you will like to register and click on Add domains to basket. (It is also beneficial to register, .com, .net domains at the same time so that no one else can register it later and you remain owner for those domains).

When you will click on Add domains to basket next screen will take you to the next step which is hosting the domain. For website to show up on internet you actually need to save your files on server which sends them to visitors when they type (Your domain) in their browser. When you access a web page on the Internet, the page is sent (electronically) to your computer from a server - a large piece of IT equipment, each capable of storing thousands of web pages. The servers are capable of sending out web pages to many people at the same time.

So next step really is to, find some space on server which will store your web pages to be sent out to people when they type in your domain name in their browser. This is primarily called hosting the website and may be independent of domain name registration. Means you can have different providers for domain name and hosting.

Step 2- Hosting your domain:

We provide complete solutions from Domain registration to hosting and web design as well.Once you will click on Add domains to basket button you will be taken to screen which will ask to choose your hosting options:


Basic Business option is sufficient to host normal business website as we provide huge 5000 MB space at very reasonable price. Choose Basic business package and click add to basket. To see which package is more suitable for your need please refer to our hosting details page

Step 3- Designing your website & publishing it online

Once you have chosen your hosting package you will need to decide if you wish to design the website by your own or you need professional help to do that. provides professional web design services for business at very affordable prices – 5 page website - £ 130. Or if you wish to build your website of your own you may choose to use our powerful web builder tool which is priced reasonable at £ 19.99 per year.


Please choose your option and continue. If you are not sure at this stage you may choose no thanks options and continue with registration process. We have chosen Affordable web design solution in this case and continued. You will be presented with your shopping basket to checkout.


We use secured Google checkout for all our transactions so you can confidently go ahead and click on checkout after reviewing your basket. This will take you to user registration page. If you haven’t previously registered please enter your email and choose option2 to continue. Please make sure you have entered correct email address, this will become your user name and we will further send you all the purchase information and domain registration details on this address.


Once your press continue it will take you to the registration details page. Please fill in the correct registration details on this page and click on register. Please note these are the details which will be used to register your domain and will reflect in WHO is database so please ensure all the details are correct and click Register.


Once you will confirm you details you will be logged in our system and you will be presented with final checkout page where you can review your orders and click on Checkout with Google, this will take you to the Google checkout website to complete the payment. You have option to pay by Debit / Credit card and is secured way to pay.


Once the payment is confirmed and processed you will be redirected to our website and we will shortly send you user name and password for your UK hosting control panel (Should you wish to try out control panel, click here) and you can start working on creating your website. Please note domain name registration could take UPTO 48 hrs to complete and get active.

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